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JP Automotive are setting the standards for quality and customer service, adding value with a fully insured and secure overnight storage facility with CCTV in operation. All vehicles stored on site are booked in by appointment, surveyed and wrapped with a protective dust cover throughout the refurbishment process.

alloy wheels dealerships and corporate

We offer Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) standards when handling your vehicle, peace of mind as we drive for success.

how it works

  • 1. Inspection & Assessment
  • 2. Tyre, Weight & Valve Removal
  • 3. Paint Removal
  • 4. Repair
  • 5. 3 Coat Powder Paint System
  • 6. Diamond Cutting
  • 7. New Tyre Sales
  • 8. Finished Wheels
  • 9. Tyre Fitting & Balancing
  • 10. Specified Wheel Nut Torquing
  • 11. Secure Overnight Storage
  • 12. Vehicle Handover

All services are subject to survey prior to acceptance.

our expertise

  • image of tyre inspection

    inspection & assessment

  • image of tyre removal

    tyre, weight & valve removal

  • image of paint removal from alloy wheel

    paint removal

  • image of alloy wheel being repaired


  • image alloy wheel being sprayed

    3 coat powder paint system

  • image of alloy wheel diamond cut

    diamond cutting

  • image of tyre sales

    new tyre sales

  • image of alloy wheel

    finished wheels

  • image of tyre being balanced

    tyre fitting & balancing

  • image of allow wheel being torqued

    specified wheel nut torquing

  • image of secure overnight car storage

    secure overnight storage

  • image of vehicle handover

    vehicle handover

the process

quality wheel refurbishment to the motor trade and retail