alloy refurbishment

JP Automotive provides an efficient, cost effective alloy wheel refurbishment service that reproduces manufacturer's quality at a fraction of the cost of new wheels.

alloy wheel refurbishment

We offer a full powder coat refurbishment within 24 hours and Diamond Cut within 48 hours! Subject to technicians inspection.

Wheels requiring a structural damage repair will need to be inspected and surveyed by one of our technicians and a cost and time frame will be quoted, subject to the extent of the damage.

how it works

  • 1. Tyre, Weights, Decals & Valve are removed
  • 2. Wheel is surveyed for Flat Spots, Buckles, Cracks, etc
  • 3. Chemically Stripped
  • 4. Shot Blasted
  • 5. Damage Repaired
  • 6. Pre-heated & High Specification Primer Powder Coated
  • 7. Colour Coated with the latest technology in Water Based Paints
  • 8. Top Coat Lacquer Powder Coated & Stoved to a durable glass-like finish
  • 9. Tyres are refitted & balanced

All services are subject to survey prior to acceptance.

our expertise

  • image of blistering on alloy wheel


  • image of surface scuffs on alloy wheel

    surface scuffs

  • image of chipped edges on alloy wheel

    chipped edges

  • image of buckles and flatspots on alloy wheel

    buckles & flatspots

  • image of kerb damaged alloy wheel

    kerb damage

  • image of corroded alloy wheel

    light corrosion

the process

quality wheel refurbishment to the motor trade and retail